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PARTY SUPPLIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS:We'll help make your next party EXTRA special. Login to www.fultonparty.com for your next social affair and enjoy easy access to our complete decorative inventory. We specialize in the latest, most attractive patterns available today. You can proudly spruce up any festive event with us, including birthday parties for any age, bridal and baby showers, bachelor parties, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, religious ceremonies, grand openings, banquets, fund raisers and all seasonal celebrations. Or simply dress up your home with an extra dash of panache with our elegant signature patterns, or add an attractive seasonal flourish to your bathroom or kitchen. If you'd like help in choosing the best decor for your event, call our professional, bilingual celebration consultants who are always happy to assist.At FultonParty.com, we carry a full line of catering and janitorial supplies for events of any capacity. We'll fully outfit your private celebrations with all of the necessary catering provisions, while we also supply local restaurants and hotels throughout the Eastern Tri-State area. And we carry a complete line of packaging and shipping supplies, providing full service retail shipping via the United States Postal Service and also UPS.You can come right to this page any time at: www.fultonparty.comOr simply QFULTON.com. (Remember the "Q" as the balloon in our logo!)Visit www.FultonParty.com before your next gathering, and entertain your guests with class and comfort.